Broadway Limited Paragon3 HO 4-8-4 Niagara New York Central w/ DCC & Sound


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Railroad Short Name: NYC

The New York Central was late in adopting the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement for their steam locomotive roster since the Mohawks and Hudsons did such an excellent job. Locomotive #6000– class S1a — was the first 2-cylinder 4-8-4 from ALCO and was followed by 25 more of the S1b class. When the “Northerns” started arriving in 1945, they became the favorite power, being used almost everywhere at once. They were dual service locomotives, but are mostly remembered for heading up the “Limiteds”.

Locomotive Features

  • Locomotive Composition: ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis
  • Tender Composition: ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis
  • Synchronized Puffing Smoke with each Chuff
  • Variable Puffing Smoke Intensity and Timing
  • Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee or Compatible
  • Equipped with Traction Tires
  • Will Operate on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail
  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 22 inches
  • Paragon3 Sound & Operation System FEATURING ROLLING THUNDER with Authentic Sounds and Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments

Visit the Broadway Limited website for more information.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 3 in


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