CLEARANCE – Athearn Genesis HO GP38-2W Canadian National w/ DCC & Sound #4809


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This locomotive has handrail damage and is being sold as is.

Railroad Short Name: CN

Locomotive Features

  • All-new Canadian safety cab with interior
  • Operating Canadian “Lampshade” style ditch lights
  • Inertial filter intake snow shields
  • Long hood with correct louvers and recessed brakewheel
  • Dual vertical headlight and multi-class lights on long hood end
  • Canadian-style “ribbed” front anticlimber
  • Canadian ladder-style stepwells
  • “Horizontal” style ECAFB
  • GP38-2(W) short blower housing
  • Close-spaced 48” radiator fans
  • Cab mounted bell
  • Sinclair “ice skate” radio antenna
  • Relocated Nathan K-3 horn with separate, wireform air supply conduit
  • Square PAF box on non-dynamic housing
  • Front and rear snow plows with white “v” stripe
  • Dual “Salem” air filters w/ piping
  • 3200 gallon fuel tank
  • Dual-end sanding lines
  • Single-panel “chicken wire” style radiator intake grills
  • McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers
  • Separately applied wire grab irons
  • Window glazing
  • Operating headlights utilizing microbulbs

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in


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