4-6-6-4 Challenger Steam Locomotive

Era: 1940's to Present.

Features: Boiler backhead with full details and printed gauges; Individually applied detail parts such as piping, valves, generators, etc.; Blackened metal RP25 wheels; Eccentric cranks operating on both sides in correct direction; Front and rear engines (cylinders and coupled drive wheel sets), both pivot for 22" recommended minimum radius; Pilot has open/closed positions. Coupler pocket can be inserted to mount coupler; Adjustable cab windows and opening doors; Headlights and tender lighting feature directional light change, number boards are also lighted; Five-pole, skewed armature motor with two flywheels for very smooth running; Cab hatches can be either closed or open; See-through running boards; Ready for aftermarket smoke unit installation with no soldering needed; Factory installed DCC sound board and speaker; the board and speaker are mounted in the tender, DCC decoder automatically senses the power supply type (either DC or NMRA compliant DCC system)

*** Notice ***
Pictures are representaions of some paint schemes and details for each road name not all schemes are shown.  To view each unit's paint scheme and details please visit the Athearn website.

Road Item #   Road # Sale Price
Clinchfield 97229 675

Sold Out

Denver & Rio Grande 97228 3800

Sold Out

Union Pacific 97223 3707 $480.00
Union Pacific 97224 3710 $480.00
Union Pacific 97225 3977

Sold Out

Union Pacific 97226 3982 $480.00
Union Pacific 97227 3985

Sold Out

Last Reviewed: July 2014

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