Kato N MP36PH & Bi Level Commuter Car Set Metro Transit “Milwaukee Road Heritage”


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N MP36PH & Bi-Level Chicago Metra/Milwaukee Road Heritage 4-Unit Collector’s Set

Revealed to the public and to then-outgoing Metra CEO Don Orseno back in December 2017, Metra painted a pair of their locomotives into special heritage schemes, starting with the Rock Island and then the Milwaukee Road, a tribute to the railroad commuter services who had come before and literally paved the way for today’s Chicago commuter rail system.

To celebrate these unique locomotives, Kato USA is offering these MP36PH’s, bundled along with a three-car set of Nippon Sharyo Bi-Level cars with unique road numbers only released for each set – each packaged in a specially designed collector-friendly bookcase carrying box. Each will include a signed certificate of authenticity from the custom painter and will be numbered – these sets are limited to 300 total worldwide!

Set Contents:

  • MPI MP36PH Chicago Metra – Milwaukee Road Heritage #405
  • Nippon Sharyo Bi-Level Coach #6120
  • Nippon Sharyo Bi-Level Coach #6090
  • Nippon Sharyo Bi-Level Cab-Coach #8522
  • Collector’s style bookcase packaging with additional slots for additional cars or locomotives

Locomotive Features

  • Designed to operate pulling Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Cars
  • The MP36PH locomotive uses a sophisticated lightpiping and LED system to give it directional headlight and taillight functions across all six of its nose lights, as well as illuminated pre-printed numberboards for push/pull operation.
  • Locomotive’s heavy duty five-pole motor and mechanism designed to pull a 10 car bi-level consist up a 4% grade without the need for a traction tire.
  • Drop in DCC compatible with the Train Control Systems K4D6.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2 in


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