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We are currently taking pre orders and submitting an order will place you on the list.  We will contact you for payment once the locomotives arrive at our store.  Our price for these will be $320.00 each, plus shipping, and sales tax where applicable.

Railroad Short Name: IAIS

The early 1970s were a time of massive change in Canadian locomotive design. CN’s mechanical boss, Bob Radford, worked with MLW designers, locomotive crews and the unions to devise a new cab design for freight road locomotives. This would become known as a (Canadian) Comfort/Safety Cab. The first units to be equipped with this cab was the M420 and it hit the rails in 1973, just a few weeks before the similarly-equipped GP38-2(W).

The M420 was equipped with the ALCo 12V-251c3 prime mover producing 2000 H.P. Most M420 units rode on MLW ZWT (Zero Weight- Transfer) trucks. The only exception to this were the 5 units built for the Providence & Worcester, which rode on Type B road switcher trucks as commonly found under most ALCo-designed 4-axle locomotives. The P&W required a different bolster design and different truck spacing, making them unique.

MLW constructed 103 M420s between May 1973 and February 1977 for four railways including CN (80), BCR (16 including eight B units), Ferrocarriles del Estado (2), Providence & Worcester (5).

CN would take delivery of the M420s in 3 groups: MR-20a class 2500-2529 (delivered 1973), MR-20b class 2530- 2559 (delivered 1974), and MR-20c class 2560-2579 (delivered 1976).

All of the CN units were retired by 1998 and today many of these locomotives have found second careers on short lines all over North America.


    • 3D scanned from an actual M420. This is as close to real as it gets!
    • MR-20b and MR-20c classes available in the first run
    • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions
    • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables and other piping, rerailer and a silly number of separately applied parts
    • Two or three panel radiators, louvered or large opening electrical cabinet door, open or closed truck bearings
    • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
    • Operating headlights, rear lights, tri-colour class lights, and illuminated cab control stand
    • Highly detailed cab interior with optional open front door
    • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/ESU LokSound
    • CN 3500s feature rebuilt long hood with knuckle buster door latches, paper air filters, retention tank, ditch lights and relocated horn
    • BC Rail has correct fuel tank size and location, four rock lights (in nose and pilot) and rebuilt steps
    • B-units are part of A/B set, single A units can be purchased separately.
    • P&W version has correct Type B trucks and headlight variation

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in


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