Tangent N Bethlehem Steel 3600cf Quad Hoppers Union Pacific “Scheme 16, 1982 H-100-19 Red Repaint”


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Railroad Short Name: UP

These distinctive 100-ton quad hoppers match the Union Pacific specification and were built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1970s. Our UP replicas represent more than 6,400 “quad” hoppers, UP’s largest fleet of coal hoppers in company history.

The Tangent Scale Models prototype replica of the Union Pacific Bethlehem design quad hopper has never been produced in N scale, making it a distinctive addition to any freight car fleet. The stunning N Scale Quad Hopper model is loaded with detail. Produced an N Scale car that is worthy of the Tangent brand, bringing as much of our industry-leading HO Scale execution and detail as possible packed in an N Scale box.

With these cars wandering far beyond just UP rails in both unit and carload services, consider adding some of these replicas to your layout or collection.

  • Highly accurate “true to life” colors
  • Exact fonts and lettering placement. Read the accurate 1” COTS boxes!
  • Painted wire coupler lift bars for strength and durability
  • Real rubber flexible air hoses
  • Thin-profile brake piping
  • See-through etched metal brake platform
  • L-shaped end-sheet supports
  • Interior bracing detail
  • Body-mounted Draft Gear with MT-compatible couplers
  • Ready-to-operate model with hidden weights
  • 100-ton trucks and 36” CNC free-rolling precision metal wheels with front and back profile
  • Our N Scale Bethlehem Steel Quad Hopper does not compromise to operate on toy train curves – we suggest a minimum radius of 18.75” or greater (see comments on Tangent’s Website about modifications you can make to the models to get them down to 11″ radius curves)
  • A “Tangent-accurate” non-symmetrical, properly-sloped coal load
  • Dimensional accuracy – scaled from prototype plans
  • Car number selection process – we select car numbers from our personal photo collection, online and published sources, focusing on late era numbers to represent more than 40 years in continuous operation

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1 in


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