To Spring Creek Model Trains. Whether you are one of our "show" regulars or a first time visitor, we gladly invite you to come on in and browse around. You can follow us on facebook by joining our page. We will be using facebook and our newsletter to let you know when we have new announcements on the web site and any changes in our show schedule.

Open House & Train Show...

Exclusive Custom Runs...

*** Now In Stock ***

kcscustomnt.jpgWe have commisioned a new run of 12 numbers of the Intermountain N scale 5161. These numbers are different from any previous or current numbers that Intermountain or we have done on this car.

WestCentralSmall.jpgWe have commisioned a new car from Intermountain.  The car is an HO scale Pullman Standard 4750 covered hopper painted in West Central cooperative elevator that has been patched for the BN and comes in 6 different road numbers.

Atlas_BulkheadFlat_Small.jpgWe have commisioned some exclusive car numbers from Atlas.  The car is an HO scale bulkhead flat car painted in TTX Company (Pennsy Heritage) scheme and comes in 3 different custom road numbers.

To learn more about our custom runs click here.

On The Road...

This Weekend

We don't have a show and are going to enjoy some personal time.  Please call ahead and schedule a time if you would like to stop in.

Our Next Show

We will be at the Big Texas Train Show in Houston TX. The show dates are September 6th and September 7th at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

In Stock....

Slowly but surely, we're beginning to put our store inventory online. So.... check out the in stock pages to see what's on hand. We'll try to keep them as up to date as possible, but there might be a time where we might not have what is shown on the page. Up next.... on line reservations and ordering.

New Listings

These products have just been added to our website. Check the in stock pages to view the availability and pricing.

HO Scale N Scale
Athearn 50' Single Door Box Car Trainworx Thrall 52' Corrugated Gondola
Athearn 50' Mechanical Reefer Trainworx Thrall 52' Gondola
Athearn 50' Youngstown Door Box Car Trainworx Pullman Standard 85' Flat Car
Athearn 50' Superior Door Box Car Trainworx NACC PD3000 Covered Hopper Car
Athearn Evans Double Door Box Car
Athearn 40' Modernized Box Car
Athearn 40' Double Door Box Car
Athearn 50' Ice Reefer
Athearn 50' Express Box Car