*Spring Creek Exclusive HO Arrowhead Models Committee Design Hopper Denver & Rio Grande “10-1960”


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We partnered with Arrowhead Models to do an additional six numbers of the 10-1960 build date hoppers in Denver & Rio Grande.  These six numbers are only available from us.

  • Railroad Short Name: DRGW

The “committee design” car refers to a family of cars whose design specifications were set forth by Norfolk & Western, Chesapeake & Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroads. It is one of the most prolific hoppers ever constructed, and it has a rich history. Depending on how one tells its story, the committee design hopper will mean different things to different people. It is one of the largest, single classes of freight car (of any type) to ever be constructed, and simultaneously, it represents a failure for cooperating railroads to standardize around a single design.

Arrowhead has produced two distinct sets of body tooling to accurately match the distinct car variations of the PRR Pullman-Standard 666000-666999 series, D&RGW Bethlehem Car Co. 14600-14999 series, and Southern Bethlehem Car Co. 74689-74758 series cars.

This, in combination with a matrix of unique detail parts (outlined below), means that this announcement is an announcement of two all-new freight cars from the point of view of tooling and product development.

Prototype specific details:

  • 70-ton ASF ‘Ride Control’ roller bearing trucks
  • L-shaped AR/BL superior grab iron
  • Wine double door locks
  • Wine hopper doors and frames
  • Miner 1942 handbrake
  • Retaining valve location
  • Retaining and release valve rods
  • Brake rod and lever arrangements
  • Bethlehem defect card holder


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