Walthers Proto 2000 HO SW8/900 Southern Pacific


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Railroad Short Name: SP

Introduced by EMD in 1950, the SW8 offered railroads and industry a rugged and reliable unit for switching chores, replacing the last of steam or earlier diesel switchers still in service. Powered by the famed 567B, the engines delivered 800 horsepower. In 1954, industry demand for a more powerful switcher led EMD to introduce the SW900, producing 100 additional horsepower from the 567C prime mover. Outwardly, these units (and the SW600 of which only 15 were built) were virtually identical. Production ended in late 1965 with a combined total of 743 engines. Well into the 1980s, these early switchers served railroads large and small and some remain in industrial service today.

Like its famous prototype, the Proto 2000 SW8/900 diesel is a perfect choice for model railroad switching work. All models feature:

  • Heavy Diecast Chassis for Maximum Traction
  • DC Motor with 5 Pole Skew Wound Armature
  • Precisely Meshed Worm Gear & Spur Teeth for Silent Running
  • Dual Machined Brass Flywheels
  • More Than 60 Factory-Applied Detail Parts
  • Consumer-Applied Parts Package
  • Smooth Low-Speed Response under 3 Scale Miles Per Hour for Outstanding Switching Performance
  • LED Constant & Directional Headlights
  • Magnetic Knuckle Couplers (Add-on Horn-Hooks are also included)
  • Cab Interior with Crew
  • See-Through Steps & Foot Boards

Prototype specific details such as large or small fuel tank, welded or cast coupler buffers, stepwell openings and drop steps are also included as appropriate.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 3 in


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